2015 was a year of change for me. In April, I left the company where I worked for three years. For an Internet practitioner, the three years are neither long nor short. I have grown a lot in three years. I have gradually become more peaceful and comfortable in three years. But in the front-end industry where technology changes with each passing day, ease is a very dangerous signal.

So in April I changed a job, I changed to a busy job, yes, I joined a startup company, In more than half a year, I spent two nights overnight, work 6 days in a week, overtime is more commonplace.,At the beginning, I couldn’t stick to it, but I can complete the task according to my own ideas and use the technology I am interested in. React, Flux, Angular, Webpack, Stylus, Nodejs, Python. That’s right, these techniques I am interested in have been used in production and achieved good results. The technical manager also trusts me very much and let me do it. At work, it is no longer just about writing front-end code. It involves selecting the project framework, setting up, configuring construction tools, development environment, sorting out the development process, and even writing test and release scripts.

Towards the end of the year, I was promoted to be the leader of the frontend team. To be honest, I don’t like to do management, there are always endless and inexplicable meetings. I have no ideas on how to manage the team and how to lead the team, and I event don’t have any interest in these.

In 2016, I still hope that I can write more code and teach new people as much as possible. After all, the technical capabilities of the company’s front-end team are too weak, and it is impossible for me to complete all development tasks alone.