My company organizes annual routine physical examination a month ago(June, 2020), There are some tiny issue as in previous years, I didn’t care too much. But there’s something different this year, the nurse told me that I had thyroid nodules when doing color Doppler ultrasound, never found before.

The report came out after one week, the nodules are benign and do not need to be treated, regular review is enough. One more tiny issue, it should not a big problem, But for insurance, I decided to go to the hospital for a review. After the doctor checked my report, the doctor suggested that I come back for a review after three months, but I still worried at the time and asked to review it immediately.


On the second day of color Doppler ultrasound, the nurse in hospital was more serious this time. After many times of check, the nurse’s expression and tone became a little dignified, there’s a tumors, irregular edges, and a volume of 6x5x5mm. I was transferred to ultrasound intervention on the same day. Make an appointment three days later for puncture. At this point, I feels a bit serious. Generally speaking, it can be observed by color Doppler ultrasound if it is benign. If puncture is required, it is probably malignant.

Three days later, the puncture was not as painful as expected. After the anesthetic, a needle is inserted through the throat and get tissue cells from the tumor, no pain during the whole puncture, but the feeling of the needle slashing the cells in the throat can be very uncomfortable, and the sound of slashing things can make you a little headache.

Three days later, the result shows the tumor is malignant, it’s human papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. Fortunately, it is still very early and has not metastasized to the lymph. The doctor recommends surgery to remove half of the thyroid gland to avoid further deterioration of the metastasis.

thyroid cancer

However, the hospital’s beds are tight and I need to wait for one to two weeks. After signup my phone number, I waited for the hospital to call me while I was at work. After more than a week, the hospital still didn’t call me. I called the hospital to inquire about the progress. I was a little anxious and registered another hospital. This hospital arranged for the next day of hospitalization and surgery next week.


First days of the hospitalization, there are some routine preoperative examinations, the rest of the time was as usual, and I even climbed a hill next to the hospital. The day before surgery, the doctor talked to me about the surgical plan, surgical risk and special fee, then I signed the risk notice. No food or water is allowed after 10 o’clock the night before the surgery, and the nurse will also notify the precautions one day before the surgery.

The day of surgery, I was the first one, the nurse guided us to the surgery floor at 7:30 am,The day of surgery, I was the first one, the nurse guided us to the surgery floor at 7:30 am. Before entering the operating room, I confirmed some identity information, then got into the wheelchair and pushed to the door of the surgery room to wait, after waiting for about ten minutes, I was pushed to the surgery room, took off shirt, put on the surgical gown,lie on the operating table with head back. The anaesthetist made another confirmation, inserted the needle, put on the oxygen mask, then the anaesthetist said it’s time to sleep, the anaesthetist began to push the anaesthetic into the needle, and I gradually lost consciousness in less than ten seconds.

I vaguely heard someone calling my name when I woke up, then ask me to confirmed my name, I was unconscious and said my name with difficulty. then someone push me to my bed. I was already lying on the bed when I was awake, thinking about sending message to my friends and family that I was safe. So, I sent some message and fell asleep again.


Recovery after surgery

The first day after surgery, due to the anesthesia, I feel groggy and even have some headaches, hard to swallow, there were some glucose drips, You can eat some liquid food and drink a little water in 6 hours after the surgery, and you can’t get out of bed (you need prepare urinals).

The anesthesia completely disappeared the second day. At this time, you will feel a sore throat when swallowing. It is very difficult to swallow saliva every time. You can only eat some soft food, such as porridge, bananas, and grapes. At this time, you can get out of bed and move by yourself.

On the third day, the throat will be slightly better, swallowing is no longer so difficult, I can eat some normal food.

On the fourth and fifth days, I almost recovered. By this time, I can eat and drink normally. no longer have pain in swallowing, but still feel some foreign body sensation, be careful when cough or sneeze. The drainage tube was removed and ready to leave hospital.